October 6, 2017

accommodation at Bwindi Impenetrable

Our Accommodation at Bwindi Impenetrable Forest NP

Our accommodation facilities at Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park, commands spectacular and uninterrupted views of the Park that is home to the rare and elusive Mountain Gorilla. With your Budget type, our guests can choose a Luxury camping at Sanctuary Gorilla Forest Camp, Bwindi guest house for those sensitive with the budget or depending on your schedule camp at lake Bunyonyi.

Sanctuary Gorilla Forest Camp

Sanctuary Gorilla Forest Camp situated within Bwindi National Park, offers guests an unrivalled location, including the best bird and wildlife viewing in the Bwindi area. Because of its unique location, it’s not unusual for the gorilla families to visit the camp. For the lucky guests in camp at those times, they may have the chance for a gorilla encounter without even leaving Sanctuary Gorilla Forest Camp. Facilities and Services Restaurant and Bar Sanctuary Gorilla Forest Camp is the perfect base from which to track the park's most famous resident - the mountain gorilla. The main area features a comfortable lounge and bar area as well as the main dining area while the mini spa offers a wide selection of treatments. The eight tents at Sanctuary Gorilla Forest Camp are stylish and spacious, each featuring two queen sized beds. In addition to the comfortable warm beds, each tent has a huge bathtub that looks straight into the jungle canopy ideal for soaking tired muscles after a day spent observing and trekking gorillas. Through room windows one will see rare forest species while soaking in the tub, followed by a cocktail on the private viewing deck served by your personal attendant. Terms and conditions apply*

Bwindi Guest House

Bwindi Community Hospital was founded in 2003 by Dr. Scott and Carol Kellermann. Formerly California residents, the Kellermanns moved to Uganda to serve the Batwa pygmies who were displaced from the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest after it was made a National Park in 1993. Located few meters to the Bwindi Impenetrable National Park main gate, Bwindi Guest House is the ideal location for enjoying all that this region of Uganda has to offer. Whether your plans include volunteering at the local hospital, trekking the mountain gorillas or simply relaxing you've come to the right place. Facilities and Services Bar and Restaurant ​ We welcome visitors and tourists from all over the world to enjoy our homes, meals and interact with the other visitors and volunteers who also stay here. Tourists and visitors are placed in homes based on their preference and activity in the area. Most tourists are here to see the Mountain Gorillas but often are intrigued by the Batwa people or getting to know the community and life that goes on. All of our accommodation facilities include Blackie shacky, Monkey house, Paul and Barbara's house, Middle gorilla house and Upper gorilla house which were all built by long term volunteers coming to Bwindi to work with our programs. They were handed over to the Guest House to be maintained and operated for the benefit of Bwindi Community Hospital. All guests are introduced to our programs and offered if they wish, a free hospital tour or a visit to our nursing school any day of the week. Note: Terms and conditions apply*

Prime Natures Island

Denpending on your intineray type, our clients may have to camp at Prime Natures Island in Lake Bunyonyi after Gorilla trekking as they finalize their Safari. Prime Natures Islands is one of the Islands on Lake Bunyonyi that were formed as a result of random eruption that blocked a river's flow to create an astonishing sight: a relatively narrow body of water sprinkled with tens of tiny islands, surrounded by green hills and guarded from a distance by the very same volcano that probably created it. The Island is an Eco-tourism site in the heartland of Western Uganda. It offers you a unique vantage point from which you experience the beauty and majesty of Mother Nature's ability in an African setting. Facilities and Services Bar and Restaurant At Prime Nature you will be woken up with the soothing sounds from our natural environment--birds. Our well designed rooms have a picturesque view of the lake, mountains and terraces covering every slopes. Services In addition to ensuring your comfort, our objective has been to provide accommodation in harmony with the local setting. The rooms are well designed and handcrafted log cabins constructed on stilts with each having a breath taking view across the lakes and hills. Nevertheless, our furnished safari tents are quaint and cosy as our guests are assured of complete privacy and seclusion at our exclusive gateway. Restaurant and Bar Our personnel cater for any special requirements which will add comfort to your stay. As the sun rises from behind the hilltops, enjoy your breakfast with panoramic views of the Lake Bunyonyi (one of Africa's prettiest lakes). For lunch sample the catch of the day in the form of crayfish direct from Lake Bunyonyi itself. At days end unwind with a glass of wine as our campfire soothes you in the chill air of the evening darkness. Note: Terms and conditions apply*