February 3, 2018

3 days gorilla safaris

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3 days Gorilla Safari

The 3 Day Gorilla Safari takes you on a wild primate safari in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park to track the mountain gorillas. The “impenetrable forest” protects nearly more than half of the remaining mountain gorillas on Planet Earth and offers the best gorilla trekking experience. Eastern gorilla (Gorilla beringei) is a species of the genus gorilla and the largest living ape. The species is subdivided into 2 subspecies. The eastern lowland gorilla (G. b. graueri) is the most populous, at about 5,000 individuals. The mountain gorilla (G. b. beringei) has about 800 individuals.

Gorilla trekking Bwindi

Day 1: Maajabu Safaris representive will pick you up from your hotel in Kampala or Entebbe on a arival. Based on your itinerary type the Safari starts in the morning around 8:00am driving for close to 10 hours to Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park. On the way shall stop by the Uganda Equator(optional) for a brief picture break and shopping some souvenirs. Dinner and Overnight at Sanctuary Gorilla Forest Camp, Prime Natures Island and Bwindi Guest House depending on your itinerary. Day 2: By 7:00am after an early morning breakfast be grouped and briefed by the Park warden or ranger on the do's and don't's during gorilla trekking tours. And at this time you will be in the hands of game ranger for throughout your trekking. The trekking time is varies from 1 to 8 hours before one encounters the giant, the weather and the terrain may also affect your trekking period. You are then allowed to have an hour with the gorillas before trekking returning to your camp. And in the rest of the afternoon you will go on Community visits(optional) of Batwa to witness some of their Cultures. Overnight at Sanctuary Gorilla Forest Camp, Prime Natures Island and Bwindi Guest House for shoe-string. See our accommodation at Bwindi Impenetrable forest Day 3: After an early morning breakfast around 9:30am we will start our journey back to Kampala or Entebbe for your airport transfers. Now we can "say kwaheri".

3 days Gorilla and Chimp Trekking

This itinerary is underway, kindly stay stuned!!

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3 days Uganda Gorilla and Chimp Safari Route Map of Bwindi Impenetrable and Kibale National Parks